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Journal of Comparative Cultural Studies in Architecture 

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The Journal of Comparative Cultural Studies in Architecture (JCCS-a) is a peer-reviewed, multi disciplinary and scientific journal that includes the fields of theory of architecture, urban design, building construction, history, town planning, ethnology, philosophy, social sciences and other disciplines with an emphasis on the built environment. The scale of research coverage ranges from studies drawn from vernacular forms in primitive societies as well as from advanced civilisations from all parts of the world. Besides, the comparison of vernacular forms and so called high cultures is strongly emphasised. In particular, cases can be drawn on a micro or a macro scale of architecture, on design related behaviour, ethnological, social or cultural studies related to space, urban and village planning and the like. 

The journal is an interdisciplinary platform for the debate of comparing cultures from manifold perspectives, which is already a fixed element in the individual contributions. It is fully double-blind reviewed and is bilingual, i.e. articles are German or English with extended abstracts in both languages. 


The Journal of Cultural Comparative Studies in Architecture (JCCS-a) is the journal of the Institute of Comparative Cultural Studies in Architecture (IVA-ICRA). It is a scholarly publication and relevant for all who are involved in research of the built environment with a strong relation to cultural comparison 

of the built environment of around the world. This includes researchers and professionals from the fields of architecture, town planning, urban design, history, ethnology and human anthropology, who are concerned with the physical structures in both, the so-called „high western“ and the vernacular, „primitive“ societies. 

Article reuse guidelines  

As a general rule, it requires premission if substantial material of a JCCS-a article is reproduced or reused. This not only applies to texts, but in particular photos, tables, and other material that is published with an article.

When content of an article is re-used, it is obligatory to fully cite the original source of the JCCS-a material, which must appear wherever the content appears in another publication. This does not include material of any third-party ; in this case a a declaration of agreement from the copyright holder must be obtained

Article reuse for authors

Authors are allowed to reuse their JCCS-a article abstracts elsewhere as long as it is a non-commercial purpose. After the period of two years, authors are permitted to link their article to other websites if:

  • JCCS-a as the publishing journal is still referred to
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